Sioux Falls Police Captain Loren McManus says fireworks calls and citations saw a reduction this year in comparison with 2016.

"We had 501 fireworks calls as far as complaints that came in. We issued 17 citation during that time frame period (from 5:00 PM Friday,June 30th through Wednesday morning July 5th),

"If you look at 2016 we had approximately 521 calls for fireworks and about 294 on July 4th, 2016. Last year we issued 27 citations."

McManus attributes several factors in connection with the tickets handed out.

"Right we had a lot of support from the media in trying to get the word out about what is and what isn't allowed as far as fireworks in the city. We also had four officers that were assigned to working fireworks calls on the evening of the July 4th. I think that's probably why we got the citations that we did."

McManus says a ticket for illegal fireworks in Sioux Falls costs 95 dollars.

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