BTS' J-Hope is blessed to say the least.

After sharing his debut solo release Hope World with the world just days ago, including a funky music video for lead single "Daydream," J-Hope (real name Jung Hoseok) is back with a follow-up video for "Airplane."

Released Tuesday (March 6), J-Hope's video emphasizes the feeling of being blessed and optimistic in his career.

"When I was a little boy, my wish was to be on an airplane," the artist mentioned in a recent Naver VLive live stream. "My wish was to get on a plane and fly to the sky. It reminded me of old memories. I used to dream of it. And now… I remember I was sitting in a very nice seat on the plane."

Watch below:

The music video, which has already garnered over 2.5 millions views within hours of its release, features vocals from other BTS members.

"I felt that group vocals for 'Airplane' coming from all the BTS members who’ve been together through this journey would create an even more heartfelt song," J-Hope explained in an interview with TIME magazine.

In the midst of Hope World's release, fans are praising the rapper's lyrics in which he takes a clever jab at past haters:

Thanks to a few years of flying
My mileage is a few hundred thousand
I'll comfort you guys who couldn't make it
I'll give you a gift with those flight points

J-Hope's accomplishments only continue as he becomes the highest-earning solo K-pop act to enter the Billboard 200, debuting at No. 63 this week.

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