First responders, including police officers, paramedics, and firefighters, put themselves in the line of danger every single day, and one of the riskiest spots for them is the side of the road.

In Roseville, a Minnesota State Trooper was attending to a crash along Eastbound Highway 36 near Snelling Avenue when a passing vehicle unexpectedly surged out of control, colliding with the original crash. The scary incident was captured on camera.

Minnesota's Move Over Law is all about protecting our first responders.

Minnesota State Patrol
Minnesota State Patrol

It says that when you're driving on a road with two or more lanes, you've got to move over at least one lane away from any emergency vehicles that are stopped with their lights flashing – like ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, maintenance or construction vehicles, and tow trucks. If you can't change lanes safely, you've got to slow down.

Even with the law in place, the danger remains a constant threat. The Roseville crash captured in the video below didn't occur due to speeding, distraction, or adverse weather conditions.

Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook
Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook

According to the Trooper, the driver who lost control and collided with the crash site had experienced a medical emergency.

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The MN Crime- Police, Fire, EMS X page posted a video captured by a Minnesota Department of Transportation traffic camera, along with a description of the event.

ROSEVILLE: A State Trooper was on the scene of a minor crash on Eastbound Highway 36 near Snelling Avenue when a passing vehicle suddenly accelerated out of control and crashed into the original scene. No serious injuries were reported, and the Trooper reported that the driver of the vehicle had suffered an apparent medical emergency.

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