Is There a Snow Alert? Click here for the current Sioux Falls Snow Alert status

It's something we'll hear several times during winter in Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Snow Alert. But what does that mean, and do I need to do anything? Here's the answer:

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What is a Snow Alert?

In Sioux Falls a Snow Alert is a declaration released by the City of Sioux Falls when they plan to plow all the streets in town. So, when you hear a snow alert issued, don't park on the street.

When is a Snow Alert Issued?

The City of Sioux Falls will issue a Snow Alert when at least 2 inches of snow has fallen on the city.

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

What Happens Durning a Snow Alert?

Sioux Falls' outstanding team of snowplow drivers will focus on keeping the network of emergency snow routes in town open. Usually, after the snow stops falling crews will then move into each of Sioux Falls' three zones to clear off all city streets.

If you are parked on the street your vehicle is subject to ticketing and towing. Snow routes are marked by signs around town.

"A snow alert is declared if the City of Sioux Falls plans to plow all streets. At this time, parking restrictions go into effect across the city, and vehicles parked on all streets are subject to ticketing and towing by zone. To find your zone, go to our interactive map." - City of Sioux Falls

The network of emergency snow routes in Sioux Falls are basically the main streets in town. City crews work to keep them open during a storm so emergency traffic can get around.

"During a snow alert, plows enter neighborhoods after the snow has stopped falling and emergency routes are clear. Snow alert communications will include the plowing schedule based on zone. Vehicles cannot be parked legally on the street until the street has been plowed." - City of Sioux Falls

How to Get Sioux Falls Snow Alert Updates:

You can get snow alerts from texts, emails, and the City's social media.
"To subscribe to text alerts, send a text with the word SNOWALERT to 888-777. To subscribe to email notifications, go here. Also, follow @siouxfallssnow on Twitter or the City of Sioux Falls on Facebook for updates. This webpage,, and City of Sioux Falls’ cable TV channel CityLink also have the most up-to-date information about snow removal." - City of Sioux Falls
The City of Sioux Falls has a Snow Removal Tracker where you can see what's going on with the snow removal crews. See it HERE

What are the Sioux Falls Zones?

For street cleaning purposes, Sioux Falls is divided into three zones. Zone one is the Downtown area. Zone 2 is an expanded area around downtown, and Zone 3 is the remainder of the city.

Find your zone HERE.

City of Sioux Falls
City of Sioux Falls






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