We had purple ketchup as kids, now there's blue milk.

There's something really fun about (intentionally) weird-colored food. The latest installment in that grocery category is getting ready to hit Midwest grocery shelves.

After being available only at Disney World, TruMoo is bringing it's "Star Wars"-inspired blue milk to store shelves. It's low-fat and vanilla-flavored. And blue.

Let's rewind way back to the first in the original trilogy: "Star Wars: A New Hope" (my least favorite, really). In the movie, the blue milk comes from a creature called banthas, which are big furry mammals. It's seen in a dinner scene with Luke and his aunt and uncle.

When And How To Get It

Up until now, the only place you've been able to try blue milk is at Disney World. But you won't have to go that far soon. You'll be able to get the blue milk in Iowa starting at the end of April through July, Kim O'Brien, a spokesperson for TruMoo, told Des Moines Register.

The cosmic blue milk will be available at Hy-vees all over Iowa, Fareways in northeast Iowa, and some Walmarts in the state, according to O'Brien.

It will taste a bit different than the Disney World version. That one is a frozen blend of coconut and rice milk. This one is flavored cow's milk.

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