Do you ever Google medical questions? If so, you're not alone!

Earlier this month, the healthcare website Soliant published a study that shows the medical questions that people in each state are looking up so far this year. The article says that they "analyzed 2024 Google search data to identify the health queries that each state searches more frequently than any other state and the District of Columbia."

Here in the state of Iowa, the three medical questions that Iowa is Googling more than any other state are:

  1. What is a pap smear?
  2. What causes migraines?
  3. How to stop bug bites from itching?

Since I'm not a doctor, I'm not answer these questions for you. I will tell you some of the popular searches in other states, though! Here are some of the results for surrounding states in the Midwest:

  • Illinois
    • Can you live without a spleen?
    • Why do I drool when I sleep?
    • What causes restless legs?
  • Minnesota
    • What causes psoriasis?
    • Is Ozempic safe?
    • What does shingles look like?
  • Missouri
    • How long can you go without sleep?
    • Can you live without a liver?
    • How to get rid of bloating?
  • Nebraska
    • What causes canker sores?
    • What does skin cancer look like?
  • South Dakota
    • What is lupus?
    • How long does food poisoning last?
    • What side is your appendix on?
  • Wisconsin
    • Why is my eye twitching?
    • How to get rid of nausea?
    • Can allergies cause a fever?

As a professional hypochondriac, I do NOT recommend looking up any of your symptoms online. I can't tell you how many things I've incorrectly diagnosed myself with. Your best bet is to ask an actual doctor so that you don't unnecessarily freak yourself out. Easier said than done, I know...

You can check out the rest of the popular searches in the Midwest and beyond from Soliant's study HERE.

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