The United States has had a very challenging last few years regarding railroad incidents, and now, our neighbors to the South in Nebraska have hazardous smoke as a result of the latest incident.

According to KETV in Omaha, the North Platte area is dealing with the heavy smoke as a result of a railyard explosion today.

Here's the link to the full article.

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Here's the latest known about the incident that continues to unfold, including a mandatory evacuation:

Emergency crews are battling a railcar fire involving "heavy toxic smoke" near North Platte on Thursday afternoon.

According to the North Platte Volunteer Fire Department, there was an explosion at the Union Pacific Railroad Bailey Yards around 12:10 p.m.

The article goes on to say that an evacuation has been ordered in the immediate area surrounding the incident, but that I-80 remains open for now.

Here is another news source which includes several eyewitness videos:

Let's hope that area authorities and emergency response crews can get the incident contained as soon as possible.

Sources: RawsAlerts on Twitter and KETV Omaha on MSN

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