For decades now one of the most ordered appetizers on the local pub menu has been an order of wings. Hot, spicy, sloppy-goodness from-ear-to-ear-licious.

A basket of wings and a couple of ice-cold beers along with 25 TV screens that are playing the game of the night. Doesn't get any better, right?

With the biggest game of the year coming up on February 12, there is still time to decide what version of wings to serve at your Super Bowl party.

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With this particular party, you may want to forego the ranch dressing and celery sticks. (Those were always a head-scratcher for me.)

From basic to creative, here are 15 types of wings to consider. And if you need a push, I double-dog-dare you to send out your Super Bowl invitations assigning a specific recipe in hopes of having the entire lot for your guests to sample.

15 Super Bowl Party Wing Recipes

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Bookmark this page now, and simply highlight the title and go to the recipe.

Gallery Credit: Dave Roberts