The NFL Combine is quickly approaching. It's the biggest stage held annually for NFL prospects to show their stuff to hundreds of scouts and talent evaluators both in person and on film.

Each and every year, draft stock is build up or brought down based on performances at the combine, shrine games, and pro days.

This year's NFL combine, which will once again be held in Indianapolis, will take place February 26th through March 4th.

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There are a ton of local and regional prospects that have gotten invites, including a total of four who played college ball right here in South Dakota:

Running backs - Isaiah Davis - South Dakota State, Cody Schrader - Missouri

Wide Receivers - Ryan Flournoy - Southeast Missouri State, Xavier Weaver - Colorado

Tight Ends - Erick All - Iowa, Dallin Holker - Colorado State, Ben Sinnot - Kansas State, Brevyn Spann-Ford, Minnesota

Offensive Linemen - Mason McCormick - South Dakota State, Garret Greenfield - South Dakota State, Cooper Beebe - Kansas State, Frank Crum - Wyoming, Javon Foster - Missouri, KT Leveston Jr. - Kansas State, Dominick Puni - Kansas, Jalen Sundell - North Dakota State

Defensive Linemen - Austin Booker - Kansas, Mohamed Kamara - Colorado State, Logan Lee - Iowa, Darius Robinson - Missouri

Linebackers - Khalid Duke - Kansas State, Easton Gibbs - Wyoming, Ty'Ron Hopper - Missouri

Defensive Backs - Myles Harden - South Dakota, Kris Abrams-Draine - Missouri, Cooper DeJean - Iowa, Tyler Nubin - Minnesota, Ennis Rakestraw Jr. - Missouri, T.J. Tampa - Iowa State,

Specialists - K Harrison Mevis - Missouri, P Tory Taylor - Iowa

Don't miss out on this year's combine that looms at the end of the month!

View the full list of invitees below!

Source: - Combine Invitees

2024 Sioux Falls Area Concert Calendar [UPDATED]

2024 is looking to be another awesome year for live music in Sioux Falls.

We'll continue to see the Denny Sanford PREMIERE Center in Sioux Falls hosting big-name music acts.

There are also fantastic shows planned for Grandfalls Casino, The District, Icon, The Alliance, Bigs Bar, and more.

Here are the concerts that have been announced for 2024 in and around Sioux Falls.

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Haunted Locations and Scary Legends Around Sioux Falls

Halloween is steeped in scary traditions. Trick-or-Treating, frightening costumes, local actors in "haunted" houses, and the pitch-black darkness of area corn mazes.

However, if we set out to find the real haunted areas what would we find? Over the last 30 years that I have lived in Sioux Falls, a few locations still gain attention as being haunted.

And yes, a handful of thrill-seeking people will show up on our favorite eerie night for what could be a viral video moment or experience a misty phantom first-hand.
Let's take a little tour of the more famous hauntings around Sioux Falls. Turn on the lights and cue the Cowardly Lion: "I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks..."

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South Dakota Is Home to Two of the World’s Biggest Caves

When you're looking for some of the biggest ones of these on the planet, look no further than South Dakota.

You'll find them right under your nose.
Statista has compiled a list of the longest caves in the world and two of the top six are just 30 miles apart in the Black Hills.