Law enforcement officials in South Dakota have announced the November locations for sobriety checkpoints around the state.

After setting up sobriety checkpoints in 22 checkpoints in 18 counties in October, the Department of Public Safety is conducting 13 sobriety checkpoints in 13 counties during the month of November.

In a press release, the DPS outlined the counties impacted:

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  • Beadle County
  • Brown County
  • Butte County
  • Clay County
  • Codington County
  • Day County
  • Edmunds County
  • Jackson County
  • Lake County
  • Lyman County
  • Mead County
  • Minnehaha County
  • Pennington County

As is typical with these announcements, the exact dates, times, and locations of each checkpoint are not being disclosed. The monthly checkpoints are funded by the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety and conducted by the South Dakota Highway Patrol with the help of local law enforcement.

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