Republican Senator Mike Rounds from South Dakota stated in an interview that they “have gone about as far as we’re going to with gun control.”

In the wake of the Nashville, Tennessee school mass shooting that left 3 adults and 3 children dead, South Dakota Senator answered questions from CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins.

Commenting on gun bans or gun control Senator Rounds stated, “There isn’t anybody here that, if they could find the right approach, wouldn’t try to do something because they feel that pain.

And yet, when we start talking about bans or challenging on the Second Amendment, I think the things that have already been done have gone about as far as we’re going to with gun control.”

Rounds proposed taking millions of dollars allocated to install solar panels in some schools and use that money over a 5-year period to provide grants to states to make some schools safer.

According to the New York Times, "Public schools are increasingly using savings from solar energy to upgrade facilities, help their communities, and give teachers raises, often with no cost to taxpayers."

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