When the weather is nice in South Dakota, it's normal to see wildlife roaming around the state. Sometimes you see deer in the forests or even Bighorn sheep out west in the Badlands. But there's one giant mammal that found its way to eastern South Dakota.

Over the weekend, there were reports of a young moose that was spotted in the town of Flandreau. Local authorities confirmed this sighting and are urging residents to stay cautious if they see this moose.

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Our friends at Dakota News Now are reporting the moose seen in Flandreau is a young bull. While it is rare to see a moose in South Dakota, it's not uncommon to spot them. Flandreau Police Department explained in a Facebook post they have seen moose pass through the area before.

Moose are pretty protective. If they feel like they are threatened, they are not afraid to defend themselves.

Please call if the moose is spotted back in town so he can be directed back into the rural areas for its own safety. Do not approach. If the moose feels threatened it may defend itself as has been seen in videos by people getting too close to Buffalo.
At the time of this post, the moose was resting outside of the town of Flandreau. The Flandreau Police Department and surrounding local officers are encouraging the public to call if they do see the moose in town.
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More information about the moose on the loose can be found here.

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