It's time for a trip, maybe a getaway, maybe a family get-together, maybe a business conference.

You hop onto I-29 and head south from Sioux Falls. You're breezing along, cruise on 75, maybe 80, and head on past town signs with names like Tea, Lennox, and Worthing. A little further along, there's Canton, Beresford, Vermillion, and Yankton. Then Jefferson, Elk Point, Emmet.

Wait. What? Emmet?

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Emmet South Dakota
Google Maps

Actually, nope. There is no town sign along Interstate 29 that says 'Emmet'. But there was a day that, perhaps, a sign did say 'Emmet'. Oh, you wouldn't have seen it along an interstate while driving your SUV. You may well have been on a gravel road and saying 'Giddy Up'.

You see, Emmet was there in Union County. Not exactly a bustling busy city, but along about 1871 it did boast a general store, the Emmet Hall, and a decent-sized Catholic church.

In fact, not all that long ago (Ok, the 1930s and 1940s) dances were held in that hall. Think Lawrence Welk kind of days.

Emmet South Dakota
Google Maps

But, what happened to Emmet is the same thing that happened to a lot of old-time South Dakota towns. The railroad decided to move, to go through other larger towns. And when they happened, businesses and most of the people followed those tracks. And, as they say, that was that.

Emmet died. And speaking of dying, Emmet also had a cemetery, which is still there and still commonly called the Emmet Cemetery.

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