This past Saturday, at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert, there was a moment that I thought I would lose my hearing.  I was up in the 341 section at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota and will never forget the moment my ears started to ring.  But was the Taylor Swift crowd the loudest one at U.S. Bank Stadium?

Jessica Williams - Townsquare Media Rochester/Preston
Jessica Williams - Townsquare Media Rochester/Preston

Was the Taylor Swift Crowd The Loudest at US Bank Stadium in Minnesota?

It's not a secret how Taylor Swift gets to the stage for the Eras tour.  If you don't know it though, here's how it happens.  After the band, singers, and dancers walk on and give a nice wave to the crowd, there is a big box that shows up a little bit later.  It rolls up to the stage, thanks to a few people pushing it up the ramp.  And at that moment the big box showed up...well, to put it simply...I thought my eardrums burst.

I have NEVER heard a crowd scream so loud and I thought this had to be the loudest this stadium has ever been.  And then, it got even louder.  Taylor Swift showed up on stage.

Jessica Williams - Townsquare Media Rochester/Preston
Jessica Williams - Townsquare Media Rochester/Preston

I'm not the only one who was mesmerized by the volume level.  Brian Olson made a similar statement on Twitter, but actually referenced a specific moment that many say IS the loudest at U.S. Bank Stadium - the Minneapolis Miracle.

I'm not a huge football fan so when my co-workers mentioned the Minneapolis Miracle during our meeting today as being super loud, they had to fill me in on what that even was.  Sounds like it was a big, proud, and very loud moment for Vikings fans.  But was it the loudest?

According to a post on reddit, there was one specific moment during the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Saturday night that got everyone's attention:

my friend works for one of the subcontractors at us bank stadium and helped with speaker set up. he also had a private, amazing birds eye view both nights.

he send me this recording. we maxed at 118 decibels when she announced dear john. we hovered around 105-115 most of the evening.

the timing is on the very bottom and counts down to zero “because it just works this way”.

i thought this was an interesting and not something we see often!

he also paid more attention to Girl in Red tonight and liked it more than yesterday

other all, he had a lot of admiration and awe for the tech production of the show! he especially liked the bracelets. it was also a very special way to share this concert with a friend


decimal record from Minneapolis night two
by u/teruravirino in TaylorSwift

According to, the moment now known as the "Minneapolis Miracle" showed 120.1 decibels.

Sorry, Swifites!  It looks like Taylor Swift is just going to have to come back for another tour so we can try to break this record again.

Jessica Wliliams - Townsquare Media Rochester/Preston
Jessica Wliliams - Townsquare Media Rochester/Preston
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