With home prices at an all-time high throughout much of the U.S., finding an affordable home for you and your family is becoming increasingly difficult. That said, some states are far more affordable to find housing than others.

You'll get much more bang for your buck living in Iowa than in California. Just take a look at a few of these listings for homes for sale for around $400k and see the staggering differences.

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Here's What $400k gets you in Iowa vs California

Credit: Zillow
Credit: Zillow

In the photo seen above, the home shown for sale is a house listed in Waterloo, Iowa for $439,000. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home and is around 1,623 square feet. This home can be found in the Audubon Heights neighborhood, one of the more affluent areas of Waterloo. It was built this year and is available for viewing right now.

The home in the bottom photo is found in the heart of Los Angeles. As you can see, it's much smaller than the above photo at around 900 square feet. This home is valued at $480,000 and has 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. It is located at 807 W. 79th Street in Los Angeles.

Why are property values so much higher in the state of California? According to LaJolla, there are a number of factors in play but the biggest may be land:

While California is an enormous state – the third largest in the U.S. by size – the vast majority of its acres are hills and mountains spread across harsh desert. Nearly every nook and cranny of suitable land has been used up, and this is certainly the case the closer you get to the coast.

LaJolla Website

Story Source: Zillow Website, LaJolla Website

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