UPDATE 4-19-2023

For several weeks a bobcat has been terrorizing the small Iowa town of Martensdale. It has attacked pets and shown no fear toward humans. The Des Moines Register reports that a citizen shot the bobcat on Tuesday as it was trying to get into his chicken coop.

Despite being injured, the animal evaded capture. Iowa DNR officials say they have traps set up all over town in an attempt to catch the rogue bobcat. The Register reports that it is unusual for bobcats to be so bold, especially in daylight. One theory is that the cat may have been raised by humans.

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A bobcat is terrorizing an Iowa community, and officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources say that the cat is a danger to both pets and humans in the area.

Vince Evelsizer is a fur biologist with the Iowa DNR. He tells KCCI that this particular bobcat has become "emboldened. It's a little bit unusual." The bobcat has been seen near numerous homes in the Martensdale area in Warren County, Iowa. Carter Davidson told KCCI that his grandmother's dog was attacked by the bobcat on Sunday night. The dog suffered puncture wounds on its neck but is expected to recover.

YouTube via KCCI
YouTube via KCCI

Evelsizer states that this bobcat is not acting normally. He told KCCI that the animals are usually very secretive and for the most part nocturnal. Not this bobcat. It is not afraid of people and is acting aggressively, even pawing at the door of homes in Martensdale. Officials with the Iowa DNR are currently trying to capture the bobcat and are urging residents not to approach the animal. If you do see the bobcat near you or your pets, the DNR says to make as much noise as possible if the cat gets too close.

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