Many of us have mantras we silently repeat to ourselves, or at the very least various things we say to ourselves to get out of a slump or bring encouragement. Or maybe it's a superstitious thing for you that you do or say.

From post-it notes with an uplifting quote or phrase on our computer or our bathroom mirror to wearing something or doing something that means something personal to you, it's a thing. That all said, have you ever heard someone whisper  "rabbit, rabbit" or maybe you've seen it on social media posts?

It wasn't until I started hearing and seeing one of my most favorite celebrities and humans, Sarah Jessica Parker posting about it on the first day of each new month that I finally decided to do some digging.

Sometimes she posts an extremely peaceful video whispering "rabbit, rabbit."

SJP often posts a reminder photo, too, a day or two before the first of every month.

According to the Dictionary website, some people say the word rabbit twice while others believe that three times is the charm. Others say 'white rabbit" and it's all to bring good luck and prosperity for that month.

It’s not to be uttered just any old random day. Rather, if you say it on the first day of the month before any other words come out of your mouth, then luck is thought to be coaxed your way. If you get your rabbits in, luck is yours for 30 days.

Now don't worry if you forget to whisper those powerful words first before you say anything else on the first day of the month. According to folklore, if you go ahead and say "rabbit, rabbit" backward as "tibbar, tibbar" then you're good to go for luck, peace, and happiness.


According to the Farmers' Almanac, the phrase dates back to a British periodical Notes and Queries (March 27, 1909) which featured a girl who said “Rabbits!” on the first day of each month for good luck.

Meanwhile, some believe the superstition is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland (1865) where Alice is “luckily” guided by a white rabbit through fantastical adventures.

Still, others say, according to the Dictionary website, that the superstition comes from Celts who thought rabbits could communicate with spirits since they burrow underground. Then there's the rabbit's foot which is known as a good luck charm.

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