I grew up on farm with dogs, and played in the woods all the time anyone else who has lived with a similar story knows wood ticks are part of that story.

The story about the time I had to have a wood tick surgically removed from my eardrum is still a story told around family campfires.

Once tick season starts, any evening itching on the scalp or body had us running to flip on the bathroom light to make sure a tick is not latching on for a midnight snack.

These miniature vampires hanging out in trees and grass waiting for pets and human buffets to walk by on hop on for lunch.

Here is a fun way to embrace all the grossness that is the wood tick.

It's That Time! Lets Play The Midwest Wood Tick Game.

Here is how it works from the time you or your friends or family find a wood tick the season has officially started.

Keep tracking your wood tick 'wins' until the first snow flake falls and then tally your tick points.

Hopefully you be crowned the Wood Tick Champ in your circle and wear the championship belt until next season when you can defend your title again.

  1. First Tick Opener: First person to find a tick officially opens the season and collects 25 tick points.
  2. Double or Triple Play: Anytime you find more than one tick on you collect 15 points and 5 points for each additional tick.
  3. Dr. Jackpot: Anytime a tick removal or discovery involves a trained professional collect 50 points.
  4. Lucky You Location: Everybody has a friend or you are that friend who has found a sick tick in a swimsuit covered location. This is never a fun find so collect 65 points for your pain.
  5. Frozen Friends Bonus: Anytime you find a tick after the first snow fall we are officially out of season. Collect 10 points for this rare find.

This gross game is obviously a joke, but Lyme Disease is serious stuff. Learn more about symptoms and what to watch for on the Lyme Disease Association website.

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