Patrick Lalley / KSOO
Patrick Lalley / KSOO

Fall is cyclocross season. While it's not fall just yet, it's close.

Which means 'cross is coming.

Cyclocross is form of bike racing that's on grass and dirt and sand and mud and snow. The bikes look like regular road bikes, and for the most part they are, but with more clearance for wider tires and some other minor adjustments.

I'm on a new team this year: Parallel 44 Racing p/b Sanford Power.

There are six of us on the team, a combination of genders and skill levels. All good folks.

On Sunday we were over at Elmwood Park for a little practice. Cyclocross -- or CX for short -- is hard. I always forget that for some reason and have to be reminded all over again every year.

There are a lot of bike handling skills involved, including jumping off and jumping back on while running with the bike. You don't have to be able to leap tall barriers in a single bound, as my teammate Adam Saban did on Sunday, but it helps.

Things are just getting started however. The first races start over Labor Day and run through December. Updates to come.

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