It's Bike to Work Week starting Monday (May 14) in Sioux Falls and across the nation.

Friday (May 18) is National Bike to Work Day.

If you've never thought about getting to work through any method other than your gas-guzzling, money-eating, socially isolating automobile, this is your chance. There are a ton of events and opportunities planned to make it an enjoyable experience.

Falls Area Bicyclists -- the local cycling club of which I'm a board member -- compiles all the events on its website and publicizes them through social media.

I love riding my bike to work. I'm a better person when I do it because I get exercise, clear my head in the morning and evening and save money. Not to mention the fact that I clear up space for you people who just can't conceive of anything but getting behind the wheel.

And that's fine. I have a automobile as well. It's not a particularly gas-efficient version either. It's an odd contradiction, I know, but I try as much as I can not to drive it. We're all sinners after all.

I'm pledging to better this week. Join me.

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