It may be hot in Sioux Falls this week, but all things considered we have pretty good summer weather here in the city.

Our friends to the south in Nebraska and out west in the middle of South Dakota regularly suffer 100 plus degree days each summer.

In Sioux Falls we haven't reached the century mark in six years. That's right, the last time The National Weather Service office in Sioux Falls recorded a temperature above 100 was on August 30, 2012 when it hit 104.

NWS Sioux Falls 100 Degrees
National Weather Service Sioux Falls

The hottest it has ever gotten in Sioux Falls is 110 degrees. That happened twice: on July 17, 1936 and June 21, 1988.

Since 2000 Sioux Falls has only had 12 days when the temp went into triple digits. Nine of those days were in 2012.

From when records began in 1893 until 2016, Sioux Falls has had 223 days of 100 or above. The hottest decade was the 1930s. Most of those 100 plus days occurred in July.

As a trade off for our winters, we get to enjoy some pretty pleasant summers.

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