It's bizarre, these times we live in.

It's allergy season...and when someone sneezes or sniffs too loud, everyone jumps. It's COVID 19! It's the Coronavirus! No, it's allergies, the same allergies that person has been battling for years. It's just that these days, we're all a little, uh, tense.

I suppose folks can be allergic to just about anything. I had a close friend that took some sort of allergy test back in the 1980s. They tested 60-something different things and he discovered he was allergic to 50-something of them.

Kind of hard to get away from that.

I've known several people through the years that were allergic to cats and dogs, and maybe just animals in general. If a cat was anywhere in the vicinity their eyes would water, and not with tears of joy.

But as it turns out, that can work the other way around, too. Oh, not that your cat is allergic to you, but your little Fluffy can be allergic to a lot of things.I was looking at the pets page at WebMD's website and they say that cats can be allergic to a bunch...and I mean a BUNCH...of things.

The list includes trees, grass, weeds, fleas and flea control products, perfumes, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, fabrics, and more! Geez, that just about sounds like everything my friend was allergic to!

So what to do? The obvious answer is the right one: Visit your veterinarian. And perhaps take solace in the fact that, if you have allergies, you may not be suffering alone. That little furball there at the foot of the bed may be teary-eyed for a reason.

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