How important is science in your world? I understand it's kind of a ridiculous question, but not everyone realizes the depths that science and scientific research reach into our lives. From the moment you wake up to the instant you fall into peaceful slumber, science has had an impact on your life.

Kids get it. They may not understand it all, but they get it and are excited by the opportunity of learning more about our ever-changing world and the possibilities and innovations to come, thanks to advances in science, technology, engineering and math.

If you have a child like that, or, you yourself have an unquenched thirst for more knowledge about the incredible, outlandish, triumphant, phenomenal, head-spinning, scientific world, don't miss the 5th Annual "It's All About Science Festival"!

This free event is coming up on Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Sanford Research Center from 9 AM to 5 PM at 2301 East 60th Street North in Sioux Falls. There will be 40 exhibits for you to marvel at, you'll get to meet and chat with scientists on-the-job, demonstrations by student groups, educators and STEM industries, astounding stage performances (Science Laser Spectacular-Lasermania) and more!

Just a very few of the mind-expanding exhibits you'll see include:

  • Delta Dental of Sioux Falls - Sugar bugs, dental worms, what's that all about? Yup, find out about the world that lives in your mouth!
  • 3M - The science of papermaking
  • USD School of Medicine - What's it like to be a doctor for a day? Find out!
  • DSU - Create, play, code - Programmable toys & how they're made
  • Great Plains Zoo - Animal exploration - meet zoo animals and learn about animal history too!

There will also be a K-8 Science Fair, a poster contest and you don't want to miss the "Nerd Nook" a great place to hang out and play or find a souvenir for you or your little scientist. Plus McCrossan Boys Ranch will be giving wagon rides around the Research Center and food vendors will be available too.

For more information about this fantastic family event, festival applications or to find out how to become a sponsor or volunteer, check out, put on your thinking cap and enjoy!

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