What an amazing season for this University of Iowa basketball team. These ladies gave us so much fun and excitement during their run in the NCAA women's basketball tournament, you almost want to thank them for what they were able to accomplish and all of the joy they provided the state of Iowa. It turns out, they might've been just too darn good this past season because if you wanted to grab tickets for next year...good luck.

Brian Ray, Hawkeyesports.com
Brian Ray, Hawkeyesports.com

KCRG reports that the University of Iowa Athletics Department has officially paused season ticket sales for next season. It turns out that when you have a team make it to the Final 4 for the first time in 30 years, you play for a national championship, and you have a player that captures the attention of the nation, A LOT of people want to go to a game and see them play in person.

Caitlin Clark is obviously a big part of that. Her return next year gives Hawkeye women's basketball fans another year to see what else she can accomplish and what new records she can break. I'd also like to believe, Iowans are also excited to see what the entire team can do and if can they make another run at a national championship.

According to NCSA Sports, there are 5,588, women basketball players, at the Division 1 level. The average team size is 16 players. That means there are roughly 64 players who are participants in the Final Four every year. 5,524 Division 1, women's college basketball players, miss out on the Final Four every year. It can be such a rare thing for your favorite team to make it that far in the tournament, it's no wonder Hawkeye fans are jumping at the opportunity to grab tickets and be a part of the fun.

According to KCRG, "The season ticket base for women's basketball last season was 6,500 tickets. As of Tuesday, the University of Iowa received new season ticket requests for 6,700 seats." If you add current season ticket holders into the mix, that totals 13,200 tickets.

The current pause on season ticket sales will give the school time to take into consideration student tickets, visiting team tickets, and days in which special events are happening, like senior night or alumni days.

Were these ladies just too dang fun and exciting to watch this past season? Absolutely. Iowans have come out in full force to try and be a part of this team next year and that's a great problem for the school to have.

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