There has been a sign that has been shared many times on social media. The sign says that Starbucks is going totally cashless as of October 1, 2022.  The sign goes on to say that they will only accept cards, Starbucks rewards and tap to pay options.  And if anyone has any questions, they can ask anyone on the Starbucks team for details.

Since this was posted, there was such an uproar with people complaining and threatening to boycott Starbucks, they have some forward to issue a statement claiming that this is absolutely not true.  There are, however, a few Starbucks Coffee Shops that are going cashless in the United Kingdom.  Nothing here in the states.

From Snopes:

An apparently small minority of Starbucks stores in the U.K. displayed signs indicating they would be going cashless. The company said that these select stores were “operated alongside various licensee business partners.” However, the company also told us that it had “no plans” to establish a universal policy that would make all of its U.K., U.S., and Canadian stores cashless.

I'm thinking that eventually that will be the case. But right now, Starbucks has no plans to make that move any time soon.  This is one of the issues with social media.  Someone sees something, shares it with no other context, people latch onto it as "gospel" and it becomes a "thing".  It's always good to fact check things yourself with the actual source before taking what you see on social media as absolute fact.  There is almost always much more to the story.

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