I think every state in the nation would shout in a very clear voice that they are the most patriot state in the country!

So what makes one state more patriotic than another & where is South Dakota in this latest study from those number-crunchers at WalletHub?

The criteria for this determination were gathered under two headings: Military Engagement and Civic Engagement.

Within these categories, they measured things like:

  • The average number of military enlistees (with no prior service)
  • The number of military veterans per 1,000 Civilian Adults in every state
  • The number of active-duty military personnel in the state
  • The share of the Civilian Adult Population in Military Reserves
  • Number of adults who voted in the 2020 Presidential election
  • Number of people volunteering
  • Civic and history education requirements
  • And more!

They also found that the smaller the state was - the more patriotic it was. Hmm.

WalletHub also found that due to the increase in the number of hate crimes and homicides in the country, patriotic feelings were not as high.

Georgia had the highest number of military enlistees, and Alaska had the largest Military Veteran population.

South Dakota's data set put it in 12th position. Our state got astounding numbers as far as Military Engagement goes, but didn't do as well in the Civic Engagement category.

But hey we beat out 38 other states, and we know how patriotic we are anyway!!!

To see the complete study just go to WalletHub.

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