This photo was taken on Monday, November 4, 2019, while I was eating a piece of leftover Halloween candy. Is that too soon to have the Christmas lights on?

Some people will definitely say: "Yes!  Halloween just ended! How dare you be in the Christmas spirit before East River Deer Season opens.

Other people will say: "No! I love Christmas lights! They're so pretty and festive and make me happy when I'm lacking sunlight and vitamin D."

I don't care if you put up your Christmas lights in July. In fact, that's probably smart. Then you're putting them up while the weather is nice. But then some people will take the stance that you shouldn't turn them on until Thanksgiving. I don't care when you turn them on. Until last weekend, we had lights on our house. But they were orange for Halloween. We turned them on. If they had been white would that have been somehow a faux pas? Probably.

If you want to put your lights up and on now, go for it. In fact, I encourage it because causing people to complain about things that don't matter is a hobby of mine.

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