Anyone who played little league baseball had dreams of one day reaching the little league world series. Getting to play in Williamsport Pennsylvania, being on ESPN, and trying to be the best little league team in the world was the goal of every 11 and 12-year-old little league baseball player.

I had two shots at getting to the Little League World Series when I was 11 and 12 and sadly I never made it. At 31 years old there's still a tiny part of me that's a little jealous that these kids get to experience the mecca of little league baseball.

Unsplash - Kenny Eliason
Unsplash - Kenny Eliason

Yesterday afternoon the 12-year-old Davenport All-Star team earned their chance to play in the midwest regional finals championship game. If they can win their game at noon today (August 12) they are on their way to the little league world series.

In a double-elimination tournament, the Davenport team finds themselves with a 3-1 record with their only loss coming against Missouri last Wednesday. They've beaten Kansas, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Today they will play the only team that's got the best of them so far.

This is actually the second time this Davenport team has become state champions and tried to reach the little league world series. Just last year this team was state champions and sadly lost to Nebraska in the Midwest Region semi-final game 2-1. Hopefully, this is the year the Iowa Davenport team can reach the big show and we can watch them play against teams from all around the world.

You can watch the Davenport Iowa vs Webb City Missouri game at noon on ESPN this afternoon. Good luck Davenport!

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