We all probably did things during the pandemic that we didn't think we'd have to answer for. Eating habits. Wearing pajamas all day. Applying for a game show you didn't think you'd ever get to appear on. That is exactly what one Iowa family did and now it turns out they're about to appear on an episode of Family Feud!

The Des Moines Register reports that Sara and Daryl Saunders of West Des Moines applied to be on the popular game show at the beginning of the pandemic, but had little expectations anything would happen. But after a few emails and then phone calls the feud was about to become a reality! A year later, the family found themselves on an all-expense-paid trip to Atlanta and on the set of Family Feud!

The Register reports that Sara Saunders and her husband Daryl, Sara's brothers Jason and Andrew Mielke, and Sara's father Bruce Mielke, participated on the show. Even though the family had watched Family Feud many times before, on TV, they told the Register that it was much more difficult being up on stage! Daryl Saunders noted,

Being under those bright lights and having Steve Harvey look you in the eye, it puts things in perspective a little bit. You only get a few seconds to answer questions.

One of the highlights of taping the show according to the family? Host Steve Harvey. The Register reports that family members called Harvey "a genuine, normal human being", who joked with the families and the audience even when cameras weren't rolling. So how did this Iowa family fare on the feud? They can't reveal the outcome prior to the episode airing. But you can find out for yourself as their episode airs on May 20th at 4 p.m. on FOX.

Speaking of Family Feud, where do they get some of these questions?

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