Developing our workforce here in Sioux Falls and across South Dakota is key to the future of our state. With that, on Monday, Governor Kristi Noem was present in Sioux Falls to introduce the South Dakota Week of Work Initiative.

This program will focus on high school age students in the 10th grade to participate in job shadows, industry tours, and other business-classroom connections.

According to Governor Noem, “If we can connect businesses with students who have untapped talent in their field of work, the business can help develop the needed skills for a future leader in their industry. The student will get exposure to a field where they excel and that they’re passionate about. Everyone wins.”

The South Dakota Week of Work is scheduled for April 20-24, 2020.

Addressing the public at Malloy Electric in Sioux Falls Noem said, "Today, I’d like to encourage each of you to consider the role you play in this effort. Consider how your business or your school can contribute to developing the next generation of South Dakota’s leaders. Think about the ways you can encourage students to tap into their potential and experiment with high-demand careers right here at home.”

This fall, businesses across the state will be recruited and asked to offer job shadow opportunities, and in the spring, schools will register their participating 10th-grade students.

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