Imagine, if you well, a reality where there is not one, but infinite universes. Our world is one of countless Earths. And on each Earth things are a little different. World events change, both subtle and dramatic.

In one reality the Seahawks ran the ball. In another it's Marvel chasing DC's movie success. In yet another I notice that potato salad had gone bad BEFORE I ate it.

And in one peculiar alternative reality, the Heavy Metal band Metallica is formed as a one-man banjo-based Bluegrass outfit.

I have video proof of this reality! Watch this footage of said alternative reality Metallica perform their hit "Enter Sandman."

OK, in the interest of fairness, I will say that there is a chance that this could be a video of a very talented guy doing a banjo cover of "Enter Sandman" and not a video smuggled into our reality by a team of interdimensional secret agents. But we may never know.

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