As we all know yesterday was the Super Bowl.  All the usual stuff happened: football was played, food was eaten, halftime show was amazeballs, and commercials caused outrage.

Wait, usually that last one doesn't happen, but this year it did.

Coke had a commercial wherein 'America the Beautiful' was sang in multiple languages while imagery of American landscapes and all the beautiful, diverse people that make up this country were shown.

I found it exquisite.  It was the one commercial during the whole Super Bowl that I actually commented on social media about.

I was unaware of the ignorance and close mindedness directed toward this commercial until I came into work this morning and while doing prep I found the commercial on a lot of worst commercial lists or being blogged about purely due to the reaction it sparked online.

I was flabbergasted.

I found this commercial inspiring.  America is a nation of immigrants.  America is the melting pot.  I loved what this commercial was saying about how we all look different, but our common thread is that we are Americans.

It shows that America is that 'promised land' a lot of people come for.  A place to be free to work toward the American dream.

I'm of German descent.  Should I be upset there wasn't any German singing?  No, I get it.  German is not the prettiest language.

But I still have hope for America because of people like these:

I know we have Freedom of Expression and Speech, but it still doesn't mean that these uneducated comments are free from consequence.  They might not find themselves in legal trouble but the court of public opinion is not letting this go lightly.

In trying to find these once abundant tweets I came a cross a bunch of people who deleted their accounts, probably due to backlash of their comments.

Now I ask you, what is so offensive about this commercial?