Have you ever drank while you were on the job? Maybe had a beer with lunch before heading back to the office? Pounding Summer Shandy while working from all day? Sipping Costco Margarita to make Zoom meetings tolerable?

Well if you live in South Dakota you are in one of the most teetotaling while working states there is. The Mount Rushmore State was found to have the third-lowest number of people who have drank alcoholic beverages while on the clock. Just 16 percent of those who responded said they had ever boozed while working.

Zippia.com surveyed 2,000 workers from all over the United States and asked them if they drink on the job. Nebraska had the fewest number working drinkers followed by Massachusets and South Dakota.

Iowa and Minnesota didn't show up on the list as total drunks during work but they are imbibing more than we are. Minnesota ranked 38th while Iowa was 32nd for most drunks on the job.

The survey also asked people what their favorite type of alcoholic refreshment was their favorite. South Dakota had to be beer, right? Right. Beer is the most popular here as it was in North Dakota and Nebraska. But in Iowa and Minnesota, while they drink more at work, they live a little harder while they do it too. Liquor was the preferred choice in those states. Probably vodka to help hide them smell?

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