A Minnetonka Minnesota dog now has a reputation for being a neighborhood crime fighter.

Police were notified after a suspected car thief was casing a Minnesota neighborhood on Tuesday morning (September 8). Dakota News Now is reporting that authorities placed the entire neighborhood in lockdown as they searched for the suspect who at the time was believed to be armed and dangerous.

As the search continued, an alarm inside one of the homes in the neighborhood went off. According to the Olness family, owners of the home, the alarm will go off every time an external door is opened without them knowing.

When it did this time, Dakota News Now reports, Griffen Olness and the family dog Monty went to investigate on behalf of the family.

Olness said, “We opened this door. He was standing right there, and he just immediately made a dash for the door, opened that door, and ran away. We closed the door because we weren’t sure if he was armed or not, but Monty kind of slipped through and chased him down.”

The story states that Monty, the crime-fighting dog, was able to chase down the suspect allowing police to take him into custody.

Evidently, Monty has quite the reputation of chasing anyone that runs away from him. He thinks you want to play. Oops, looks like this car thief picked the wrong house to try and hide in.

According to Dakota News Now, the suspect was taken to the hospital by ambulance to be treated for a minor injury prior to heading to the hoosegow.

If you're wondering, Monty, the dog was not injured during the chase with the exception of picking up a couple of burs during the pursuit. The Olness family said they showered him with praise and lots of treats after his stint as a crime fighter was over for the day.

Source: Dakota News Now

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