When I was a kid my dad had this great idea to get me to read more books. When I got in trouble as a kid I could bargain for a more lenient punishment if I read certain books of his choosing. I am not going to say what kind if kid I was growing up, but I will say I had read my share of books.

Reading is a way to gather wisdom from other people who have walked the roads you are walking or are thinking about walking.

A person can save themselves a lot of time and sometimes pain trying to figure things out on their own if they would just pick up a few books.

I have been on the desperate hunt for books on grief that I wouldn’t throw away two chapters in.

Honestly most the materials and books, and sessions I've sifted through have not brought me anything I was looking for. If I am being completely honest I don't even know what it is that I am looking for.

Last week in my never ending Google search I stumbled across a Facebook page called Refuge in Grief. One of many things I appreciated about this site is it is more heavy on the realities of grief and less about hustling advice. Most of the advice sites I've come across or received have felt like just additional salt in the wound.

After visiting the site and finally hearing some real words I could relate to I saw the Refuge in Grief Facebook page founder had a book.

It's OK that Your's Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand by Megan Divine is one of the most honest and powerful books I have ever read.

Megan understands loss first hand and none of us will make it through this journey without experiencing it.

This book is the only one I have come across that addresses the early days of grief, and if you are only going to read one book in 2019 I'd recommend this one.

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