I've seen a number of lonely shoes along side the road, on the bike trail here in Sioux Falls, and even on at Bristol Motor Speedway last year. But I've never seen a single sandal on a sidewalk in January in South Dakota.

Last night while attending a school function, I saw this one lonely Nike sandal. I know there are die-hards who refuse to quit wearing shorts in the winter months, but unless the wearer was offending fashion by wearing wool socks with the sandal, they have a serious case of winter denial syndrome. (I don't think winter denial syndrome is a thing, I just made it up.)

How does this happen? Did the sandal fall out of a bag? Probably. But it's more fun to think of the other implications.

Did the sandal come off the foot because someone or something was chasing them?

Did they slip and fall and the sandal was left behind after hauling the victim away?

Or did the owner lose it and this cause them to have to hop on one sandaled foot all the way home.

The world will never know.

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