In the current phase of my life, married with young children, I don't do happy hour much any more. When I had previously it was always in plenty of time to take advantage of the deal or deals going on.

Out on a date with my wife we were getting our drink order taken at 5:51 P.M. which was nine minutes before the hour of happiness ceased.

As I looked at the time on my phone and then looked at our server he must have read the question that was all over my face.

"Yes, I can bring you two of them."

Sweet! He then asked if my wife wanted to imbibe with a pair as well and she did.

But I wondered if this was somehow not the thing to do? Or jovial server certainly had no problem with it, but I couldn't recall if there was some happy hour etiquette that frowned on last minute doubling up because it would cause slower service for everyone, which it did that evening.

There was nothing in this HuffPo article about getting two drinks at once being bad, although if in the company of those you work or do business with, two should be the max.

Then again, screw etiquette, I got a pair of Coors Light's for the price of one. Seems like it just makes good fiscal sense.

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