My family and friends know when January rolls around, I have more decisions on my plate then just what I am going to make as my New Year's resolution. Believe it or not, as simple as it is to many, the decision that pains me the most is what calendar I'm going to have hanging in my kitchen.

I know, I know - this may be a trivial decision for everyone but me, however it's a year-long commitment that I have to look at every single day, so it's a decision that I don't take lightly. Should my 2016 calendar be a year of puppies doing yoga, flowers in a garden, tropical beaches or a man shaving designs into his back hair?

As funny as it may sound, the Calend-hair is a real option, thanks to a 35-year old Idaho man. Turning his "back" on those that laugh at men with back hair, Mike Wolfe, along with his trusted friend of 10 years Tyler Harding, have taken a new approach to the term "man-scaping".

The idea of man-scaping an American flag design in his back hair came to Wolfe in 2008. Rather then being ashamed of the amount of hair growing on his back, Wolfe decided to accept it and asked Harding, who just happens to be a graphic artist, to shave Old Glory on his back.

Since then, the friends have been meeting two times a year to create different images on Wolfe's back, which can now be viewed by the world in calendar form. With a portion of the proceeds going to Wolfe's church, the Calend-hair features unique designs like October's Grim Reap-hair and a M-hair-achi Band for May.

If you are still debating on the calendar of kittens wearing hats, backyard birds, cupcakes or Walking Dead in 2016, the option of the Calend-hair can be purchased for just $20. I'm not 100 percent sold on this option however, the thought of eating my cereal in the morning while looking at the Stars and Stripes blowing on an Idaho man's back is hard to swallow.

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