I've haven't shared this with too many people, but one of my favorite things to do when we're traveling is keep track of how the various restaurants we go to differentiate between the men's room and the women's room. Odd - yes, I know.

Well, recently a close friend of mine (who knows I like to keep track of these sort of things) sent me a picture of some bathroom doors in Germany. Where exactly in Germany, he didn't say. I actually laughed out load when I opened up his email.

Following are a few of the other bathroom names I've run across over the years. If you have any you've seen and would like to add them to the list, feel free. Just put them in the comments section.

(WarmingSome may be considered offensive)

  • Guys (men) and Gals (women)
  • Blokes (men) and Sheila's (women)
  • Most Men (men) and All Women (women)
  • Standers (men) and Sitters (women)
  • Haves and Have Nots (you can decide which is which)
  • Dicks (men) and Chicks (women)
  • Johns (men) and Janes (women)
  • Guys (men) and Not Guys (women)
  • Nuts (men) and Bolts (women)
  • Nuts (men) and No Nuts (women)
  • Roosters (men) and Hens (women)
  • Lads (men) and Lassies (women)
  • The Sofa (men) and The Kitchen (women)
  • Men Folk (men) and Women Folk (women)
  • Caballeros (men) and Senoras (women)
  • Hombres (men) and Mujeres (women)
  • Gulls (men) and Buoys (women)
  • Hunter (men) and Hunted (women)
  • Outboards (men) and Inboards (women)
  • Pointers (men) and Setters (women)
  • Xs (men) and Os (women)
  • Beards (men) and Can't Grow Beards (women)
  • Ferfi (men) and Noi (women)

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