This morning there was a sheet of ice all over everything as people were trying to go to work. I knew driving on the side streets in my own neighborhood that it was pretty slick but it was so much worse than I thought.

During the show we got numerous calls and texts telling us to tell everyone listening that it is terrible and slow way down. Again, I knew it was bad but thought people were just being stupid while driving. There were 39 accidents reported this morning.

After the show, I went to the gym over my lunch break. There were scattered slippery spots on the main streets but it was fine overall. Then I got to the side street near my gym that was not heavily salted and sanded. The street was veering slightly to the left but my front tires did nothing to change the direction I was going. I was heading for a light pole. Luckily a solid and small bank of what was left of the plowed snow along the curb was enough to redirect the right front corner of my truck away from the street light.

After I calmed down I realized that even while driving 20 miles per hour it was too fast. I didn't make that mistake on my way back to work and I won't make that mistake on my way home afterward either.

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