Hi, my name is Natasha and I like Star Wars.

For my whole life, I knew what Star Wars was and it didn't interest me. I've seen episode 4,5,and 6 just once and didn't really even like them that much.

Then when Episode 7 came out a couple years ago, I went opening night mainly just because I knew it would be an event. But I left really liking the movie. Not enough to watch it again or run out and buy it, but I liked.

Cut to last night. I went to opening night for The Last Jedi and I loved it! Sure, there were a few things that seemed a little ridiculous, but overall I loved it. I found myself gasping and laughing and even applauding. On opening night some applause is expected and usually I just go with it, but I actually meant my applause last night.

I've read some reviews online from people that didn't like The Last Jedi, but I suppose if you are a diehard and know all the little nuances then maybe some stuff would bother you, but I loved it.

I usually don't really like action movies, but there are some pretty awesome fight scenes.

And some of the scenes with Leia are so poignant. Especially since we know she is no longer with us.

And the ending is soooo good. It's so twisty and keeps you guessing!

I know I can't really say much without making someone mad, but I loved it and I guess I am a Star Wars convert.

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