Haunted houses are a staple of Halloween season. We used to go every year in high school, but I hadn't been to one in a long time.

My friend, James, drove past the Twisted Nightmare haunted house a couple weeks ago and ever since he was obsessed with going. So, I figured, it's Halloween, why not?

The Twisted Nightmare haunted house is located on Highway 42 on your way out of town. It is also a fundraiser for the Fraternal Order of Police. Admission was $10 or $8 with a canned good donation.

My only complaint was that the line seemed to take forever! Waiting in line just gave the scary characters more opportunities to mess with you. Some demented scarecrow thing growled in my ear and scared the crap out of me! All before we actually entered the haunted house. I was also scared by some skeleton mask thing and his air horn!

So after being traumatized while waiting for about an hour and half, we finally made it in the haunted house. I wasn't really looking forward to it, but at least I could warm up.

At the Twisted Nightmare haunted house, they had a tour guide walk you through. Also, since we were a party of two, we were grouped with another party of two. You make friends quickly when you're scared!

The tour guide was awesome. He was dressed like Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but sort of had the personality of Rodney Dangerfield, does that make sense?

Anyway, my two favorite/scariest moments were the elevator and the person chained to the wall.

You step in a makeshift elevator and you don't actually go anywhere, but it shakes and bangs around like you're moving. The lights flicker on and off a few times and then it's complete darkness. Then the lights come on and out of nowhere is a dark figure that screams!!!!! No idea how that thing got in the elevator with us! Seriously, how? Then it went dark again and it was gone. Crazy!

The thing chained to the wall lunged at us, and you think, "OK, good scare! You got me." But it's chained to the wall so you think it's over. Nope. It's arms detach and it chases you across the room!!!

Also, because I didn't want to enter rooms first, I was usually the last to leave a room, which meant I got a lot of weird whispers in my ears on the way out. Everything from, "Send in the clowns" to "Come and play" or just weird growls and snorts. *shivers*

It ends outside in a graveyard and weird things chase you out. The end. We survived! Hallelujah! Let's do it again next year!


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