Last weekend, at a family get together, my brother brought a game called Kan Jam.

It's sort of like disc golf, bean bags, horseshoes, and beer pong put together. It's not a drinking game, but really any game is a drinking game if you try hard enough.

So you and your partner stand at opposite ends and there is a kan at each end. You throw the frisbee back and forth trying to hit the can. Different types of hits equal different points.

A hit with assistance is 1 point, a hit without assistance is 2 points, and a jam is 3 points.

But here is the part that drove me crazy! There is a slot in the front of the kan, and if you get the frisbee in the slot, it is an instant win. I became obsessed. I didn't care about points or anything, I just wanted to get the frisbee in that slot at least once. I tried all day and never did it. My brother, however, did it three times! THREE TIMES!! He wasn't even trying! He's like a Kan Jam savant or something.

Anyway, it was a fun game, even if I sucked at it.

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