I talked about this fella today on the radio, but ICYMI, here is the whole story. Friday night, after our company Christmas party, my friend James and I went to Paramount for a night cap.

The only open seats were at the bar so we sat down next to this older gentleman who was alone. We started talking to the man and he was the coolest, cutest, nicest, guy ever! He had an amazing story!

His name was Joe. I'm not sure of his age, but he has kids a little older than me and said he had been married for 40 years, so I'm guessing 60 to 70.

Anyway, he's retired and makes sure that he gets a full 8 hours of retirement in a day. He was in the Air Force and jumped out of planes on rescue missions. He had a bad landing once, something about palm trees, and ended up in a VA Hospital in Texas where he met his wife who was a nurse there. On their second date he asked her to marry him and they've been together ever since. He still carries a photo around in his wallet of her on their wedding day!!!! I saw it, it's adorable!!!

I asked where she was that evening and he said she doesn't like to be out too late, but he enjoys live music so he will come and hang out sometimes. He was drinking iced tea because as he said, he graduated drinking when he graduated school.

Doesn't this sound like a Nicholas Sparks novel/movie?

Because he likes live music so much we asked his favorite concert and he replied, without hardly any hesitation, Grand Funk Railroad in Kansas City! He didn't really look like a Grand Funk Railroad guy, but good for him!!

I checked my email the next day and he must have looked me up because he sent the nicest e-mail!!!

Here is an excerpt:

I had the enormous privilege of meeting this simply gorgeous and stellar star of radio last Friday night at one of Sioux Falls’ premier music  . Tasha and her escort for the evening James Payer were seen at many of Sioux Falls’ hot night spots. I was totally blown away by her vast knowledge of music and music artists, her country charm, her radiant natural beauty and her sophisticated wit and style. Tasha was a delight to meet. I was in awe of this woman from the first hello which blessed the ear with a spectacular voice that was made for radio.

Seriously??? Who is this guy??? Isn't he the nicest guy ever?!?!

Thanks for a fun conversation, Joe.

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