In case you were not aware, my mom passed away in January. Almost a month later, even typing that still doesn't seem real.

On my way to Sioux City after getting the news, I was already a mess and I got a call. Usually, I don't answer phone numbers I don't know, but considering what just happened I figured I better answer in case it was important.

It was the Iowa Donor Network asking if my mom was a donor or if we would be willing to donate her organs/tissues. (Can you imagine having that job?)

Obviously, I wanted to talk to my brother and the rest of the family before committing to that.

Ultimately, we decided to go through with it and on one of our darkest days, maybe help make someone else's better.

My mom was able to donate her corneas to help restore sight, skin for burn victims and mastectomies, heart valves, and bone.

Personally, I always thought organ and tissue donation was a great thing. I mean, your dead, what do you need that stuff for? However, I was never actually registered. Every time I renewed my driver's license, checking that little box seemed too real or it meant I really had to face my mortality.

Well, I felt I had to put my money where my mouth was. If I was willing to donate my mom's organs, then I better be willing to do it myself. So, last week when I had to renew my driver's license, I made it official.

I'm not writing this to get on any soapbox. If you're not cool with donating your stuff, that's cool. If you are, great. If you are like me and always thought it was a great thing, but just never checked the box, maybe this will inspire you to make it official.

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