Avera counselor Jim Green of Sioux Falls says it is possible that retirement could affect your health in a negative way!

"Retired people that have big important jobs leave the positions thinking of all the free time they now have. Sure, everything is all right for a year or two. In time some retirees realize there may be nothing to live for. They have no passion for life anymore."

Green says it's true: retirees need to become involved and make an effort everyday to pursue new interests.

"You know somebody who had a high powered job---it's almost like a status type position--can be a negative when the person goes into retirement. Sometimes they start drinking and sometimes they get depressed or different types of things. They don't keep active which is one way to worsen that situation."

The bottom line is this: Get involved in the community! Meet others with similar interests, such as a social club or even a gym. Don't sit at home moping about how life was before retirement. Get out there now with a genuine love of life!

A new report concludes retirement can increase depression by 40 percent! Don't let that happen to you! Be a participant in life!

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