A few years ago my wife tried using my deodorant. She admitted that it did work well but she didn't care for the mild musk of "Pure Sport." That isn't stopping other women.

On Sunday at my nephew's graduation party, two of my nieces, who are 22 and 19, were jabbering rather loudly about something I wasn't paying attention to. But then I heard one of them say "The Old Spice?" Then the other one says "Yeah."

"What did you just say?" I hollered out to the 22-year-old.

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"Old Spice. I use Old Spice because all women's deodorant sucks, is overpriced, and full of aluminum," she said.

"So do I," said the 19-year-old.

"Which one?" I asked.

"Old Spice," came the reply that I already heard.

"No, which kind of Old Spice do you use?" I clarified.

"Fiji," they said in unison.

I had heard of women using men's deodorant before, but I have to admit I was surprised that the two young women before me were using it.

"Good call," I said. "Pure Sport is my jam."

I found one blogger who wrote that she too had completely gone away from traditional deodorant for women for even more of the reasons than my eldest niece stated. In addition to the quality of stink coverup it provides and its generally lower price, Shay Marie wrote for Bellatory that while men's deodorant costs less, you also get more of it in a stick-on average. She also pointed out that the scents made her smell "like a pungent dryer sheet or a baby's butt." She also pointed out that her former preferred deodorant was hard to find while Old Spice is available everywhere.

I happened to be buying deodorant on Tuesday and took a whiff of my nieces' preferred pit stick. It doesn't really smell like a guy or gal. Smells neutral and good. Certainly not like a baby's butt.

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