Friday night my wife and I went out for supper. I was perusing the pizzas and found a sausage and peppers pizza that had something called pepperoncini on it. Having never heard of it I assumed it was a typo on the menu and since I love sausage and peppers this pizza sounded like a winner.

I get my pizza with probably a dozen or more slices of a smallish pepper. Having a pale light green color, it looked like something that may set my head on fire. Undeterred by a little heat, I bite into a slice. I discovered that it is not hot at all. It's just delicious. Equal parts sweet and sour, it was a perfect pizza topping.

How had I never heard of this great little pepper? It's not that I don't try new things, I will when it comes to food (never beer). I had never seen the word in print on a menu before. I don't watch cooking shows and I don't cook a lot of new recipes. Forgive my ignorance but I never happened upon it written down.

I have encountered them a lot, I just didn't know it. I ordered and eaten more than a few Papa John's pizzas in my life, but never knew that the pepper that garnished every pizza I ever got from there was a pepperoncini. Papa John's is my wife's favorite and she never knew that either. She just thought it was a spicy pepper that was not to be trifled with.

After supper my wife and I picked up a few groceries. Among them was a jar of pepperoncini slices. I had some in a burrito bowl the next day. They're awesome.

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