We're in the midst of yet another winter storm here in Sioux Falls. This time it's a full blown blizzard warning and the driving really sucks.

On my lunch break I drove home on I-229. About the time I was approaching the former scene of a nasty accident on the Minnesota Avenue bridge, the wind started to push my truck hard enough to the right that my steering correction caused me to get a little loose going down the road. The back end wagged back and forth a few times until I let off the gas pedal and slowed down considerably.

I had no idea the racetrack, my affectionate and descriptive nickname for I-229, was so slippery. There were very few cars in my vicinity so I had no idea how fast others were driving, something that will clue you into how the roads are.

This was no joke! Being up on the bridge and having just driven by where guard rail and cable had been dislodged, I was nervous. My tires calmed, I slowed down by 20 miles per hour, and I made it home safely. On the way back to the station I drove 35 - 40 miles per hour and the trip was uneventful.

Don't mess around with the roads if you have to drive home tonight. Get road reports at SafeTravelUSA.com.

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