It's the time of year that I'm leaving work and the sun is just setting. It's not dark. But it's not light either. And I see them. Thankfully, I see them.

Cars, pickups, trucks... motoring along with their headlights off. It's 'half-dark' and here they come down 57th street, Minnesota Avenue, Kiwanis, East 10th. Just about any and every street in town.

Five vehicles come through the intersection with headlights on, then one with them off. Four more with headlights on, then one... well, you get the idea.

I see the same thing when it's cloudy with light to moderate snow. Or cloudy with heavy rain. It's not the middle of the night (although I've seen a few at that time of night, too, rolling down a kind of well-lit street with no headlights. You might as well just call the police department and have them stop you.), but it's not the easiest to see vehicles.

Headlights help.

Oh I know, you can see just fine. But I can't see YOU just fine, and maybe the older I get the more I can't see you fine. Your headlights on may not help you a whole bunch, but it helps me a whole bunch. If I'm taking a left onto Tennis Lane from 57th, I'd like to make doggone sure no one is coming from the west...and if it's that 'half-dark' time of day I'd appreciate it if you had your headlights on. My insurance company and chiropractor would appreciate it, too.

And I don't think I'm the only one. Yesterday it was snowing pretty good in the middle of the afternoon and I had people calling me, telling me to remind folks to put their headlights on.

So, here's a reminder: When it's snowing, raining, or maybe that time of day when it's, uh...'half-dark'...put those headlights on and happy driving!

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